Songs by Dennis Balian

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Dennis Balian
Worship leader and songwriter at Calvary Chapel in Bozeman, MT.

You And You Alone

February 12, 2022

Here before the Lamb of God
You’re seated on Your throne
Humbly I have confidence
In You and You alone

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You Love Me Good

February 11, 2022

I will sing my song to you
Holy are you Lord
Oh your goodness overwhelms
You love me good

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Eyes On You

February 11, 2022

Jesus your Presence is all I need
When I can’t hold on you’re holding me
You are so faithful, kind and true
Jesus fix my eyes on you

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Remember Your Promises

September 10, 2021

I remember Your promises: You are here
I remember Your promises: that You are good
You are always faithful, You’ll never let me go
Give us faith in Your promises tonight

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It’s Your Goodness

March 12, 2021

It’s Your goodness, it’s Your kindness
It takes my breath, You take my breath away

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