Separate Me

by Michael McGough
Version: Final

Verse 1
You spoke sea and sky And every shade and hue of blue
But I’m hanging on harsh words Of every enemy and fool
And I compare their success to my greatest defeats
But You know me best, yes, You know me

(So) Separate me from anything that separates me from You
I’m surrendering to the breaking of who I am from what I do
Hold my heart through the waiting
‘Til nothing separates me from You

Verse 2
You said, “Follow Me” Wherever You lead me, I will go
Though I’ve leaving behind me Every voice I’ve ever known
But I’m hearing more clearly than ever before
‘Cause You walk beside, right beside me

For You chose me And You loved me
And You set me apart, Set me apart
To be holy And blameless
‘Cause You made me for more, so much more

Song Info

Added by Michael McGough on April 2, 2022
Tempo: 85
Meter: 4/4
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