My Shepherd

by John Moeller
Version: First Draft

V1 6514

how sweet to hear the shepherds voice

I ran to him when I heard it

He called me from the gate

And wrapped me in his arms

V2 6514

How sweet to hear the shepherds voice

He’s singing over me

A song of endless love

And life eternally

C 6514

O to be so Loved

And safe in your pasture

Oh to be wanted

By you

Your rod and your staff they comfort me

Bridge 641

You’re singing over me

You love me eternally


How sweet the shepherds voice

I ran to him when I heard it

Song Info

Added by John Moeller on February 11, 2022
Tags: ,
Tempo: 75
Meter: 6/8

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  1. First Draft

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      Fitting For My Church

    You guys, this song kills me. One of those that I wish I had written on. 🙂 Way to go.
    I recommend writing a unique verse following the chorus. Continue the story of what happened after you heard his voice and ran to him.


    • Such a sweet melody that matches the message of the lyrics. So easy to sing along with.


    • Needs a second verse. Probably needs a bridge as well, although since it’s so sweet it could Easily just be an instrumental with some hmms and ooohs.
    • The guitar strumming that happens half way through is jarring. It’s a good idea to change things up and bring more energy, but that feel is too different so I’d recommend finding something different to play.

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