Hope is Rising

by Megan Stoltzfus
Version: First Draft

Verse 1

When I let go I fall right into your arms of hope

You lift me higher than I’ve ever been before

I come empty Lord, I know that you will fill me

To overflowing and I know there's always more



Hope is rising

Your love is freeing me

Fear is falling down

Your grace is all around

As I let go Hope is rising


Verse 2 

I find freedom in the revelation of your love 

You renew me, writing truth upon my soul

In the waiting, I remind myself of who You are

So I thank You that you strengthen me to soar 


Bridge 1:

You know the plans and dreams you have for me

Not for harm but love and prosperity

You are my future my hope and my destiny

Yes I believe

Yes I believe

Bridge 2:

Hope is the air that I breathe up here

Love is the _ _ atmosphere

Song Info

Added by Megan Stoltzfus on February 12, 2022
Tempo: 80
Meter: 4/4
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