Eyes On You

by Dennis Balian, Sarah Mitchell, Christian Nylund
Version: Final

Intro:  A        E  D      A      E  D



                A                                                  E

You say faith can move the mountains But this mountain’s moving me

               F#m                               E           D

You say you are light in darkness, but right now I can’t see

          A                                        E                    D

But I know you’re in he


re with me, and your arms are open wide

          F#m                               E                    D                        E

So in faith I’ll keep on walking, till we’re standing side by side




                      D          E            A/C#       F#m

Jesus your presence is all I need 

                  D   E                      A/C#       F#m

When I can’t hold on you’re holding me

                    D       E                A/C#        F#m

You are so faithful, kind and true 

D      E                A/C#       F#m           D     E       A    ( Asus     A    Asus)

Je - sus fix my eyes on you 




                   A                                       E

When the darkness seems forever


Your love casts out my fear 

    F#m.                                    E

I know the dawn is coming

  1.                       E

As long as You are here 


Chorus (x2)


Bridge (X3)



I can see hope 


I can see strength 


I can see truth 


Whenever I fix my eyes on You 

  1.     E

Trusting in you is something I’ll lean into!


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Whenever I fix my eyes on You 


Song Info

Added by Christian Nylund on February 11, 2022
Tempo: 75
Meter: 4/4
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