Come Out of That Tomb

by Megan Stoltzfus, Caleb Cordato
Version: Work In Progress

Intro: G Am Em D

Verse 1:

It was stale in the grave

Where Lazarus lay

All hope had faded

But Jesus walked up

Heart moved by love

Ready to show off

The glory of God



      With power in his voice he says:


Chorus: x2

Come out, come out of that tomb

I’m not done with you

There’s more for you to do

Strip away the things that bind

Leave the grave behind

I am the resurrection and the life


Inst: G Am


Verse 2:

     If you’re buried by shame

Or wrapped up in lies

Trapped in depression

       Let Jesus come in

He’s moved by your pain

He’ll take what is dead and

He’ll bring it to life


Bridge: x2

Burdened find comfort

Weary find rest

Victim have victory

Fearful take courage

Sickness be healed

Dead come to life

Rise up and reveal

The glory of God

Song Info

Added by Caleb Cordato on February 10, 2022
Tempo: 75
Meter: 4/4
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