Come And See

by David Runia, Rebecca Lieurance, Candice Maurer
Version: Work In Progress

Verse 1

A beauty around me I can’t find inside

These paths that I’ve chosen just don’t satisfy.

Far off and alone feeling my shame

Can it be true You’ll receive me the same?


Verse 2

I didn’t know You were catching my tears

I couldn’t see You though You were near.

Every heartache, every fear

I didn’t know You could hear me so clear.

Is that You I hear calling calling

Is that You I see running runnin’ ?

Is that You I hear calling callin’

Is that You I see runnin’

Runnin’ to me


Chorus 2x

Come and see the Father’s love

Feel it pour out over us

Receive His grace, more than enough.

It’s more than enough.

It’s more than enough.


Bridge 3x

No time for apologies

No need for excuses

Doesn’t matter where I’ve been

He takes me as I am.

Song Info

Added by David Runia on February 10, 2022
Tempo: 75
Meter: 4/4
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