Beautiful Joy

by Noelle Melling, Anna Flood, Jeremiah Jones, Stephen Duncan
Version: Work In Progress

Verse 1
I used to think Your love overlooked me
Joy was a melody too hard to sing
All of my dreams and hopes were abandoned
Stashed within my tattered heart

Verse 2
But my orphan ways were no match for Your favor
The little I gave You, You made it greater
Your kindness pursued me, Your grace overtook me
Now I can sing that You are my

Beautiful joy
Beautiful joy
Beautiful joy

Verse 3
I’ve tasted and seen all Your goodness
I’ve drunk Your well that never runs dry
I’ll never go back to living without You
I’ll sing forever, You are my

In the morning, In the evening
1. Let it soar in my soul 2. (God You soar in my soul)
And no matter how I’m feeling
Let it soar in my soul
In the hurting, in the healing
Let it soar in my soul
In Your kindness, You release me
God You soar in my soul

Song Info

Added by Jeremiah Jones on February 12, 2022
Tempo: 80
Meter: 4/4
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