Verse 1

When I let go I fall right into your arms of hope

You lift me higher than I’ve ever been before

I come empty Lord, I know that you will fill me

To overflowing and I know there’s always more



Hope is rising

Your love is freeing me

Fear is falling down

Your grace is all around

As I let go Hope is rising


Verse 2 

I find freedom in the revelation of your love 

You renew me, writing truth upon my soul

In the waiting, I remind myself of who You are

So I thank You that you strengthen me to soar 


Bridge 1:

You know the plans and dreams you have for me

Not for harm but love and prosperity

You are my future my hope and my destiny

Yes I believe

Yes I believe

Bridge 2:

Hope is the air that I breathe up here

Love is the _ _ atmosphere

1-I find myself longing

For something I can’t see 

I seek you like a child, with heart wide open up to you.


2 -The greatness of my father

The awe and the wonder

I’m standing with my arms wide open reaching up to you.



Pick me up, hold me close

I’m Reaching out to you

Pick me up, hold me close

I’m reaching out for you.


3-Didn’t know what love was

Until I met You

But now I know that you’re the one whose holding me.


4- I know what love is

I know who love is

And I love that you’re the one whose holding me.



Pick me up, hold me close

I’m Reaching out to you

Pick me up, hold me close

I’m reaching out for you.


Bridge x 3

You want me, You hold me

You teach me all that love was meant to be



Pick me up, hold me close

I’m Reaching out to you

Pick me up, hold me close

I’m reaching out for you.


Intro:  A        E  D      A      E  D



                A                                                  E

You say faith can move the mountains But this mountain’s moving me

               F#m                               E           D

You say you are light in darkness, but right now I can’t see

          A                                        E                    D

But I know you’re in he


re with me, and your arms are open wide

          F#m                               E                    D                        E

So in faith I’ll keep on walking, till we’re standing side by side




                      D          E            A/C#       F#m

Jesus your presence is all I need 

                  D   E                      A/C#       F#m

When I can’t hold on you’re holding me

                    D       E                A/C#        F#m

You are so faithful, kind and true 

D      E                A/C#       F#m           D     E       A    ( Asus     A    Asus)

Je – sus fix my eyes on you 




                   A                                       E

When the darkness seems forever


Your love casts out my fear 

    F#m.                                    E

I know the dawn is coming

  1.                       E

As long as You are here 


Chorus (x2)


Bridge (X3)



I can see hope 


I can see strength 


I can see truth 


Whenever I fix my eyes on You 

  1.     E

Trusting in you is something I’ll lean into!


Tag 2 

Whenever I fix my eyes on You 


Lord You are my perfect shepherd
I have everything I need
You lay me down in Love’s green pasture
And lead me to Your peaceful stream
So I will rest, I will rest
I will rest in You

You renew my life with purpose
And restore my hope again
You lead me on Your paths of righteousness
To bring honor to Your name
So I will live, I will live
I will live for You

Even though I walk through Death’s dark valley
I will not be afraid
For You are near, Your rod and staff are here
Comforting my deepest fears

You prepare a feast for me
In the presence of my enemies
You anoint my head with oil
And my cup it overflows
So I will drink, I will drink
I will drink of You

All Your goodness and mercy follow me
Every day and every night
And I will dwell in Your faithful presence
Here on earth and after time
Yes I will dwell, I will dwell
I will dwell with You

Lord I will dwell, I will dwell

Lord You are my perfect shepherd

I’ve heard so many times how You parted the seas
But I’m standing on the shoreline, only waves in front of me
When I’m tempted to doubt that You are in control
I recall that Your word commands them to hold

I remember Your promises: You are here
I remember Your promises: that You are good
You are always faithful, You’ll never let me go
Give us faith in Your promises tonight

V2 (yet to write)

Your presence, Your power, Your healing, Your love
Your Spirit forever to dwell in our hearts
Your rest from striving, Your grace til the end
In You every promise is yes and amen


Feeling distant and numb to Your love
My wounded heart cries out
Are You here when I need you the most
Will You shop up here and now

My weary eyes they’re starting to see
As you wrestle with me through my doubt
You lift my head and you speak over me
You remind me of truth then and now

I know You’re faithful when my eyes can’t see
I can trust You I know You’re holding me

I can rest knowing You are here
Your resurrection shatters every fear
Jesus You are here, Jesus You are here

So I’ll remember how you fought for me
And I’ll remember how You’ve set me free
Jesus You are here, You were always here

Your love surrounds me even in the flame
You’ve never left me so my song stays the same

Verse 1
When I put all my hope in treasures that fade
Feels like Your presence is so far away
I hear You calling — come and be still
When I’m chasing dreams that won’t satisfy
Lost in the whirlwind of worldly desire
I hear You whisper — come and be still

I know I can trust You
Cause you’ve always been a friend
You are so faithful
and Your goodness never ends

So help me to be still
and know that You are God
Be still, be still
and know that You are God
I wanna know that You are God

Verse 2
You are always with me – in the valley of fear
When I stand in the fire – I know You are near
I am surrendered – so help me be still


Bridge 1 x5
Break every idol
Tear down the walls
Quiet the chaos
Destroy the lies

Bridge 2
Be exalted, exalted oh God
Be exalted, exalted oh God


Bridge 1 x5

Bridge 2 x3



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